BNP Paribas in Singapore Individuals

BNP Paribas has strong presence in the Singapore warrants market. As of March 2012, the firm has a market share of over 35% by number of warrants outstanding in the market. It is the warrant issuer with the widest underlying coverage in Singapore, offering products in 28 different underlyings ranging from local to foreign stocks and indices, and is the only issuer in the market that offers products linked to foreign equities.

In 2011, BNP Paribas launched the BNP Paribas Fair Index, a market data first of its kind to help clients monitor the quality of market makers. The BNP Paribas Warrants & CBBCs Fair Index has been established as a reliable tool for warrants trading. The Fair Index aims to assist investors to analyze how closely each of the warrants in the market are following their respective underlying assets and hence helping them determine the quality of warrant market issuers. With this Index in place, Singapore warrant investors are equipped to forgo their current tendency of choosing products merely by turnover in the long run.

Throughout the year, various marketing and client engagement activities are conducted, such as education seminars for retail clients, training sessions for remisiers, dealers and trading representatives of various brokerage partners, and daily commentary write-ups, helping the investors to better equip themselves with the basic knowledge of warrants.


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